Gerrit Jacob Berlin Fall 2024 Collection

“I wanted it to look like a teenager's bedroom, with disorder and clumsiness,” said Gerrit Jacob, describing his show that opened Berlin Fashion Week. The show lasted around five minutes in the former premises of a multi-storey fashion store, which, with its rudimentary state of construction, provided the ideal setting for his first physical show in Berlin. The framework was provided by the new showcase format, Intervention, by Mumi Haiati and her agency Reference Studios, as part of the official Berlin Fashion Week calendar, which attracted new national and international designers to Berlin.

Adolescence again played a key role in the gestation of Jacob's collection, focused in particular on the personal development of young people. This is not the first time that the designer has looked to the past and visualized such references in his creations. As always, the airbrush aesthetic was the common thread of the collection, which this time included not only unisex and oversized silhouettes, but for the first time placed more emphasis on women's clothing, such as waist pants. low and bustiers. Jacob knows how to romanticize kitsch elements to the point that they fit almost perfectly into his streetwear. “I was facing the moment when you start to move away from certain things and your interests change,” he said, which is why it almost seemed like he was hiding many hand-painted cat and horse designs. airbrush behind equipment, accessories or just simple volume. However, he conveyed this idea most strikingly in the many jackets, which revealed skin or left empty sleeves hanging below the knees.

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