How To Get Over Hating Winter & Enjoy The Season

We're not telling you to ruin your life in bed, but rather embrace winter in all its icy, restorative glory. I always make plans, leave my apartment and TO DO things, I just don't like a lot things like I would do if the outside temperature was above 65°. “One of the reasons we find winter so painful is that we expect to live in exactly the same way all year round, which means that when our bodies tell us to slow down, we keep trying to do so. 'move forward”, Katherine Mayauthor of Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat During Hard Times, tells Refinery29. “We need more sleep in winter, but we continue to follow the same patterns all year round and feel exhausted. It's actually a blessing to have a season where we aspire to do less: we have the chance to step back, reflect on the year behind us, restore our energies, and dream of the next phase of our lives. »

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