Judy Turner Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection

A few seasons ago, we called Conley Averett New York's most successful one-man show. However, this season he is no longer just one man, but an intimate team of close friends and employees, including Julian Paik, who help him navigate the ups and downs of being an independent designer in New York . This was evident in his energy during a meeting: he was calm, cool and collected due to his satisfaction with his fall 2024 collection. “I came out of that frenzied mode,” Averett said. “If I had to give one piece of advice to anyone starting out, it’s that you can’t do everything yourself.”

This collection was also one of the first in which Averett expressed confidence. He's now managed to balance his creativity and business side, which has manifested itself in stellar pieces like a combination coat that features a knit panel on the sides for the illusion of shape. Despite the simplicity of this addition, you can rest assured that Averett's knits are top-notch thanks to her day job at Khaite. One cardigan had the illusion of a fringed collar reminiscent of Penny Lane's iconic coat in Almost known: Averett hopes it will become a staple in the future.

The designer also revisited the bubble skirt he teased two seasons ago, which he has now perfected so that it keeps its shape even on the hanger, ideal for department store shoppers who don't want to constantly reference Vogue Runway to see what it looks like. A model. “By the end of the season, every designer is tired of their job,” Averett said. “But time has passed since I finished this collection, and I’m still happy, you know?”

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