Lego’s next limited-edition sets could include an Elven Castle and this Sushi Restaurant

On Wednesday, Lego sold 30,000 copies of a fan-designed Lego castle – the Mountain Fortress – earning him half a million dollars for his work. For a while, the company's website was flattened under the load, and my Edge The story of these fan-designed sets was also very popular.

So I guess you might also be interested in one future wave of limited-edition fan-designed Lego sets — and the chance to vote yourself!

Today is a week before the end of the vote Lego BrickLink Designer Series 4 Programwhere many incredible ideas are currently competing for the chance to become a real product packaged, sold and shipped by the Lego Group.

And while Lego will have the final say, it wants to know which sets you like best. Here are the ones that caught my attention the most:

As before, Lego will produce up to 30,000 of each selected set, with designers receiving 5% of the sale price in royalties.

The winning sets for Series 4 will be announced on March 18. On June 1st, Lego will these series 2 sets in pre-sale, and the Series 3 sets will be on pre-sale in October.

Images via the Lego Bricklink Designer program

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