The 6 Biggest Makeup Trends Of Spring 2024

After months of bliss at home, spring suddenly arrives and brings forth emotions you haven't felt in a long time, like the desire to go outside, the excitement of a music festival, or the energy of empty the cupboard. mess. But before you do something drastic in hopes of feeling shiny and new, consider changing your makeup as a low-stakes way to scratch that itch.

This season, being fashionable couldn't be simpler. “Spring is the season to focus on trends that help you look fresh and get ready in the easiest way,” says the makeup artist. Marc Reagan. Think peach lips, ethereal eyeshadow, and glowing skin — all of which make you look put-together, but require little effort. We've rounded up the best soft and light beauty looks for spring 2024 that will see you through the sunnier days.

Peach tones


Makeup artist Sean Harris says, “Creamy lip textures are in and matte lips are out.” In particular, expect to see an uptick in feminine peach lipstick shades. Peach is the new neutral that complements any other makeup you wear and adds warmth to your face. Especially in a flattering, satin finish, “it's the perfect color to highlight your natural lips,” says Harris.

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Ultra shiny skin

If the internet's current obsession with Pat McGrath's Maison Margiela Couture glass skin makeup is anything to go by, glowy skin will be one of spring's most coveted looks. “Everyone wants to have a primed, perfected, pore-free complexion – a highlight for the gods! » Harris said. Making your skin virtually reflective instantly conveys freshness and vitality. To achieve maximum radiance, makeup artist Drita Paljevic suggests mixing a generous pump of Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Gloss for face and body in your foundation.

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Angelic Eyeshadow

For a look that instantly stands out, try using an unexpected icy white shadow. It's like putting a spotlight directly on your eyes and it demands attention – and even more so when contrasted with black mascara-lacquered lashes. The makeup is part '60s mod, part Y2K nostalgia (especially if you add glitter) and makes your eyes totally mesmerizing.

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Sculpting Blush

“A pop of color on the cheeks is a way to subtly sculpt, brighten and enhance your face,” says Reagan. So consider it a shortcut to pep up a sallow, wintery complexion. Apply it to your cheeks in the areas you want. pronounce and add the appearance of volume. The trick, he says, to avoid looking clownish is to first rest the brush on your hand or a tissue before touching it to your face. This way you have more control to build the color slowly.

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90s Dark Nude Lipstick

As the '90s trend continues to grow, dark nude lipstick from the grunge era is making a comeback. Deeper shades have a sensual appeal without being showy, like a bright red. When paired with mixed taupe and brown shadows (instead of matching messy smudged black eyeliner), the overall effect is elegant, with a twist.

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Portable lights

“Spring is about embracing the joy of color and the beauty of simplicity,” says Paljevic. The way to wear bright shades effortlessly is to use a one-step shimmer shadow that you can swipe on with your finger and go, says the makeup artist. Ehlie Luna. Depending on how much pigment you apply, “this is a trend that can be enjoyed by the most active downtown all night crowd, the 6 a.m. Sunday brunch crowd, and the Pilates crowd.” , she says.

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