The ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ cast reveal their dream fancast

From AEW wrestler Adam Copeland to Hamilton the composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, Percy Jackson and the Olympians is packed with major guest stars, many of whom play Greek gods. So, who do the show's main cast hope to take on the roles of Olympians and Titans in future seasons?

Walker Scobell, who plays Percy Jackson, and Aryan Simhadri, who plays Grover Underwood, revealed at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour that they had a very specific vision of who should play the Titan Atlas, which appears in the third book. in Rick Riordan's series, The Titan's Curse.


How is “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” different from the books?

“Me and Walker are big fans of God of the war. So in the third book, for Atlas, the Titan who holds up the sky, we really want Christopher Judge to play him,” Simhadri said. Judge played the role of Kratos in 2018, so he is no stranger to the media based on Greek mythology.

Simhadri added that seeing Judge at The Game Awards only reiterated his desire to see Judge in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. “It's the perfect Atlas. It has that Titan energy,” he said.

Scobell also had another group of fans to add, this time for an Olympian we have yet to meet: “I was watching The hunger Games recently, and I thought Sam Claflin would be a cool Apollo.”

Since Season 2 has only just been greenlit, it might be a while before we get official casting news. But who knows, maybe in seasons 2 or 3 we might see some of these fan followings become a reality.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is now streaming on Disney+.

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