Thomas Bangalter (ex-Daft Punk) shares soundtrack to new Salvador Dalí film

Since disbanding his groundbreaking electronic duo Daft Punk in 2021, Thomas Bangalter has stuck to music. Last year saw the release of Mythologiesan orchestral suite written for a ballet, and today he shares the soundtrack of DAAAAALÍ!a film by French director and musician Quentin Dupieux aka M. Oizo.

The new version consists of two songs: a title song and an extended version titled “REAL AGE”. Both are catchy, effervescent Spanish guitar compositions that are quite far from what one might expect from Bangalter. This is the whole point, according to Pedro Winter, owner of Dupieux's Ed Banger label: “Stepping out of his comfort zone, Thomas only used an old zither and recorded it in his Parisian studio. in your head and aligns perfectly with the surreal vision of this brilliant director. This disc celebrates the golden age of music and cinema, with the director and composers all sharing a love for classic and timeless film scores.

Listen to the soundtrack below, followed by a trailer for the film.

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