15 Fashion Instagram Accounts to Follow During Fashion Month

“All right, everyone, gird your loins” — (Stanley Tucci, The devil wears Prada). It's here again: fashion month. And we know exactly which fashion Instagram accounts are there to keep you in the loop! The month-long, four-city world tour (held every two years in February and September) showcases the latest trends and styles – a preview of our wardrobe for next season, imagined by the brightest design minds in the industry. Although Fashion Week is essentially a show for press, buyers and industry professionals, the Internet, social media and the almighty iPhone have transformed it into a special moment for everyone. fashion enthusiasts. Fashion month is like the Super Bowl of the fashion industry, if you will.

As fashion gradually democratizes and expands beyond its traditional boundaries, it has created space for many voices and viewpoints to participate. The blogging era in the 2000s saw pioneers like Susanna Lau (Susie Bubble), OG Millennial queen Tavi Gevinson and the godfather of modern street photography, Scott Schuman, shattering the conventional fashion format armed with nothing but a camera, WordPress and a dream. This era straddled the emergence of Tumblr and the early days of Instagram, marked by the icon of the vintage brown Instax camera, where fashion-obsessed kids posted their favorite blue-haired Kylie Jenner looks, all things related Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and their sepia outfit. can be found on their Instagram grids. Today, that same fascination with expressing one's interests, opinions, and style in fashion has evolved into today's era of content creation across all social platforms.

Now, whatever your fashion style, ten times out of ten there is someone who speaks to your beat. Fascinated by the role of a fashion editor during NYFW? You'll find tons of editors rushing between shows, showrooms, and appointments, all while creating, editing, and scheduling content and providing their subscribers with a first-hand account. Looking for inspiration for your style? Countless content creators offer everything from “Get Ready With Me” videos to street style snapshots, personal style-focused content, and even the ever-so-necessary fashion month memes. In honor of our beloved four-city fashion extravaganza, I've put together a list of designers, editors, photographers, and industry insiders to follow and get your fix for the week of the fashion.

From IG and TikTok to X, discover all the coolest fashion people you should follow for all the scoops, witty comments, and fabulous street style from NYFW this season.

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