Communications Manager in Madison, WI — Money Diary

Occupation: Corporate communications manager
Industry: Communications
Age: 25
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Salary: $92,500
Net value : $51,774.09 ($24,040.23 in a HYSA, $24,775.24 in retirement accounts split between a Roth IRA and 401(k), $2,958.62 in a checking account).
Debt: $0
Amount of salary (monthly): $5,482
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
To rent out: $900 for the smallest room in a two-bedroom apartment shared by three people. My roommates share the largest room. The total is $2,400/month.
Ready: $300 to my parents for their old car
401(k): $385.43 (before taxes, from my salary)
Health insurance: $691 (before taxes, from my salary)
Wireless: $23.30
Electricity: ~$10
Cellphone: in terms of my parents
Car insurance: in terms of my parents

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