Dua Lipa Shows Off Her Best Knee Slide For Grammys Rehearsal

Dua Lipa was in full practice season for her Grammys performance — and we're not just talking about her upcoming single.

The singer rocked the 2024 Grammys stage on Feb. 4, opening the ceremony with an electric rendition of her new song “Houdini,” as well as her upcoming song, “Training Season.” Lipa's energetic performance was supported by her dancers and a jungle gym-style structure that she ultimately climbed onto. But in addition to singing the two songs that are part of her mysterious third studio album, Lipa gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the training she went through to perfect that Grammy performance.

In a recent TikTok video, Lipa showed off rehearsals for the big day, including practicing sliding on her knees over and over and over and over again. The video showed several days of the singer slipping, as well as a photo from the Grammys performance. At the end of the video, Lipa is shown icing her knees on the rehearsal stage, saying, “My knees [are] screwed up. But ever the hard worker, Lipa laughs as she says it and takes it all in stride. Lipa also posted another video of her goofing around on set while icing his knees and wrapping his ankles.

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Dua Lipa recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live and talked about her very detailed schedule – which includes everything from showering to watching Succession. “I like to be in control,” Lipa said of her schedule. Kimmel also commented that the release date for Lipa's new album was still being kept secret, but then jokingly suggested that it would fall on Leap Day.

“I can’t reveal my secrets,” Lipa said. However, she revealed that she started writing this new album in 2021 in a notebook and wrote 97 songs in total. She joked that about 80 of them are “terrible.”

“Aren’t you terrified that this will all get lost somehow?” asked Kimmel, holding up his actual songbook.

“Yes, petrified,” Lipa said. “I’m sweating at the thought of this book being in your hands.”

“Training Season” comes out February 15.

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