Pink Pauses Australia Show as Fan Goes Into Labor: ‘Good Luck!’

It's a little less wild than when a fan threw her mother's ashes at the singer while she was performing.

Pink had to stop her show in Sydney because a woman went into labor. And two quick notes: This wasn't the first time this happened on Pink's tour, and it's not the craziest thing to happen at a Pink concert in the last 10 month.

As the singer performed a ballad during her Summer Carnival stadium tour in Australia on Friday, Pink interrupted the concert to greet the mother-to-be, who was pulled out of the crowd to give birth to her baby.

The singer joked that she didn't understand her team's message, before asking the fan: “Is Alicia or Alex being born? I feel like we should Not looking. Everyone gives her privacy! (The child's name is unclear at this time, but we've reached out to Pink's rep for comment.)

On stage, Pink congratulated the mother-to-be, before joking: “Wow, 'Our Song', he did it.” I wouldn't have called that one! I thought it would have been “Get The Party Started” or “Never Not Gonna Dance Again”. That's crazy.”

“I don’t even know what to say. Good luck! It’s going to be great,” she continued before continuing her show.


During a show last year, a fan named Angela Mercer left the singer's show at Boston's Fenway Park and walk to a nearby hospital to give birth. “She and her family decided that the quickest way to get to Brigham and Women's was to walk – and so, dressed in their concert outfits, they made the trip to our hospital where Angela then gave birth to his son in the NICU at Brigham,” the statement said. the hospital wrote on Facebook.

Last June, a fan threw a bag containing their mother's ashes while she was performing at the British Summer Time Festival in London. Around the same time, someone handed him a giant wheel of Brie cheese mid-concert.

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