The verdict on Apple’s Vision Pro

Apple took its time getting into mixed reality/spatial computing/putting screens on your face. But finally, the Vision Pro is here. Do you need it? Probably not. Will this change the world in one year? Probably not. Is it aimed at developers, wealthy Apple enthusiasts, and influencers, in the hopes that it will pay content dividends? Yeah.


It also has incredibly sharp and vibrant displays, the best augmented reality experiences we've ever tried, and Apple's knack for intuitive controls and navigation. It's still early and if you bought the first iPhone or Apple Watch, you know how it goes. App selections are limited and battery life isn't great, but the biggest question remains: Is this the future of computing? Maybe? You should read Devindra Hardawar's full review, here.

—Mat Smith

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Platforms with more than 45 million users must comply with EU requirements.

TikTok's owners, ByteDance and Meta, are not keen on paying the European Union to regulate them. The companies have challenged monitoring fees set by EU moderators, who are now required to monitor Meta, TikTok and other major platforms under the Digital Services Act (DSA).

All designated companies must share the 45.2 million euros ($48.7 million), which European regulators say is necessary to properly supervise these companies. However, companies like Amazon and Pinterest, which reported little or no profits, owe nothing. Meta, on the other hand, received a bill for 11 million euros ($11.9 million) under the current deal. ByteDance has not publicly announced how much it owes. But a trial could cost less.

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And has its own Android app.

Just like Microsoft did with Bing to Copilot, Google is trying to simplify its AI chatbot world, while confusing everyone. Bard and Duet AI are now Gemini, named after Google's multimodal AI model. Google has also launched a dedicated Gemini Android app as well as a paid version of the chatbot. Install this app and you can replace Google Assistant as default on your Android phone. In addition to immediate access to Gemini, the overlay will offer contextual suggestions, such as generating a description for a photo you just took or requesting more information about an item.

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The decision was made in response to playtesting feedback.

Blackbird Interactive/Gearbox Publishing

Once again, Homeworld 3the highly anticipated sequel to a 20-year-old real-time strategy game Homeworld 2, is delayed. The game was originally scheduled for release in 2022, then 2023, then February 2024, then March 8. Its release is now scheduled for May 13, 2024.

For the moment.

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