Use This Luxe Laundry Detergent To Skip The Dry Cleaner — & Save A Ton Of Time & Money

When it comes to the most coveted items in your wardrobe — like cashmere, lace lingerie, or velvet or silk evening wear — you've probably resigned yourself to racking up expensive bills at the dry cleaners out of fear. from damaging your favorite clothes. But there are ways to clean even the most finicky clothes at home to save a tonne cash, and The washerwomana brand known for luxurious home fabric care, offers gentle professional formulas and expert-level tips for how to properly clean these precious pieces.

Decipher tags

According to The washerwoman, most of the clothes you take to the dry cleaner can be washed at home. First, check the label: if it says “dry clean only”, you should vacuum it and take these items to a professional. But if the the label simply says “dry clean”, it is often possible to wash the item yourself. (Although you should use your judgment and evaluate the construction of the garment, as well as the delicacy of the fabric.)

Updated formulas

Once you've assessed the items in question, it's time to do the actual cleaning – and that's where The washerwoman can Really help. Its cult formulas are dedicated to cleaning specific types of clothes – like separate detergents for light and dark as well as delicates, as well as a dedicated formula for wool and cashmere. (The fact that they smell absolutely divine is just a bonus.) Plus, all bio-based products formulas have been updated and are rigorously tested for safety.

Scroll down to discover expertly crafted products that will become a luxurious part of your laundry routine.

1. A detergent to pamper your delicate pieces

For “hand wash only” items like lingerie and delicate evening wear, this detergent approved for delicate products will surely become a must-have. The dual-concentrated, enzyme-free formula is powerful enough to remove dirt and stains without damaging your precious hand-washable products. Ideal for use in cold water (often essential for this type of item), this detergent can also be used in a washing machine. Intoxicating notes of green leaves, rosewood and sandalwood give your delicate products a complete spa experience.

2. A wool and cashmere safe detergent for all your knits

That special wool or cashmere piece that you've been too nervous to clean yourself can finally get an at-home treatment with this special detergent formula. Enzyme-free and designed to be used in the cold weather needed to treat natural fibers like merino and mohair (and the aforementioned wool and cashmere), this laundry detergent is scented with notes of bergamot, pine, and patchouli, to leave your knits clean and refreshed — and it smells like a luxury boutique.

3. A detergent formulated for dark, vibrant colors

Not only is it detergent scented with alluring notes of citrus, lavender and patchouli, it is specially created for use on your dark and brightly colored clothing. The lightweight formula contains four enzymes to help remove stains and leave clothes feeling perfectly refreshed. It is designed to work in the cold water needed to clean your darker colored clothes without fading.

4. A detergent to keep your whites optically bright

If you're looking for a bleach-free way to keep your white clothes spotless, check this out. detergent; Designed for use on white and light-colored clothing, it uses bio-based surfactants, enzymes and brighteners to help remove tough dirt and stains while keeping colors sharp. Notes of citrus, jasmine and musk ensure your clothes will smell as fresh as they look.

5. This fragrance-free laundry detergent for sensitive skin

If you (or your baby) have sensitive skin – or a sensitive nose – you will appreciate this fragrance-free detergent; it is free from skin-irritating fragrances, artificial colors and lighteners. Safe for use on all your everyday clothes and bedding, this detergent's bio-based ingredients effectively fight stains and dirt, and the economical double-concentrated formula helps you get up to 62 washes with each bottle. This skin-safe detergent is essential for any cleaning closet.

6. The OG solution for treating stubborn stains

This stain solution contains a triple enzyme formula designed to help remove protein and oil based stains like grass, cosmetics or yellowed cores that can be particularly difficult to treat. Safe for use in all water temperatures, the bio-based formula requires no soaking or scrubbing: simply apply it to the stain and wash it away, or pretreat it for stubborn stains. You'll use this fragrance-free stain remover whenever a tough stain tries to hamper your style.

7. A fabric softener to soften and reduce static

The Laundress reviewers love this way of doing it. fabric softener softens and reduces static electricity. “It works so well,” said one shopper, adding that they “love knowing it’s a clean alternative to other fabric softeners.” The lightweight formula is scented with notes of citrus, lavender and musk, to leave your clothes smelling amazing and feeling irresistible to the touch.

In addition to the improbably chic formulas presented above, The washerwoman offers even more scent options and practical tools for cleaning and removing stains – with a multitude of useful articles, tips and tricks to facilitate your dry cleaning at home. You might even be able to snag some new wardrobe favorites with the money you save.

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