Weekly Horoscope: February 11 to 17, 2024

Your weekly horoscope is here. Breathe in the fresh, rarefied air, it's the last week of Aquarius season. Building on themes of constructive collaboration, Mars, the planet of action, heads into Aquarius on Tuesday, supported by Venus on Friday. Give it one last arctic burst of detached objectivity on a hot topic you need to address or wrangle your girl gang into mutual support and frivolity. A powerful burst of determination is the card up your sleeve, so use excessive passion to propel you forward. Speak up, then do it with your team. Whether it's Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day this year, the midweek vibe is both sultry and powerful. Exercise caution and direct your passion productively.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what awaits your sign during the week of February 11 to 17, 2024.


Your social sector is in full swing while your usual fiery nature is surprisingly put into relaxation mode this week. It's a fabulous combo, so work the room and bring together a wide range of people or work your way through a diverse crowd. Make the most of your ability to rise to different levels of society for your interests, work or personal pleasure. Keep a handy eye out for networking opportunities and be your best supportive act. Participate in events that expand your circle of people as well as your interests. Or surf the cyberscape to connect even further than analog functionality would allow. The moon in your sign Brunch from Monday to Wednesday is the starting point for starting your week. Travel light, move quickly!


Is it getting a little frosty around here or has someone left a window open in your career and public image zone? As planets pile into your professional sphere in the breeze of Aquarius, the chill factor is real for you as they form a tense angle to your sign. It forces you to think in terms of a network, group, or larger audience rather than in terms of experience or immediate personal gratification. The best approach is to align your own needs with those of the larger project, concept or goal. Talk to people and you will have a good chance of winning them over and being successful under these conditions. It's essential to create space between triggers so you don't react impulsively, especially around Friday. When in doubt, count backwards from 10! Practice mindfulness for the best result and you will get the most out of this dynamic week.

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