‘Wonka’ Wins Second Weekend as ‘Argylle’ Flops

Hollywood fantasy film “Wonka” continued to top the South Korean box office during a weekend boosted by the Lunar New Year holiday. But Hollywood spy comedy “Argylle” debuted disappointingly in seventh place.

Korea dedicates three public holidays to the Lunar New Year, this time taking them from Friday to Sunday. Extra attendance at theaters during the holidays boosted the box office and gave “Wonka” a nearly flat weekend, despite a declining share of the overall market.

“Wonka” earned $3.88 million in its second weekend, according to data from Kobis, the tracking service run by the Korean Film Council (Kofic). After 12 days in Korean cinemas, the film totaled $11.6 million.

The overall theatrical market soared 50% due to the holiday, from $7.47 million to $11.3 million this weekend.

“Citizen of a Kind” was also boosted by holiday traffic. It expanded such that its third weekend score, at $2.59 million, was identical to its opening frame. After 19 days in theaters, “Citizen” totaled $9.78 million.

The highest-ranking new release of the weekend was a CJ ENM-backed comedy-drama, “Dog Days.” It opened in third place with $1.14 million. After five days, the total stands at $1.59 million.

“The Birth of Korea” retained fourth place. It grossed $1.12 million, a major expansion from its first session. Since its release on February 1, its cumulative amount stands at $1.80 million.

Korean crime thriller “Dead Man” debuted in fifth place with $863,000 over the holiday weekend. In its first five days of theatrical release, it grossed $1.26 million.

“Picnic,” produced in Korea, opened in sixth place. A nostalgic romantic drama, it grossed $693,000 over the weekend and $943,000 in its first five days in theaters.

“Argylle” ranked below the three local openers. He won $481,000 this weekend. In its first five days in Korean theaters, the film grossed $752,000.

The lowest places were taken by: “Baby Shark's Big Movie” with $289,000 over its first five days; $103,000 for the long-running 2023 hit “12.12: The Day,” which totaled $95 million; and French animation “The Jungle Bunch 2: World Tour,” with $75,000 in its second weekend and a cumulative total of $222,000.

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