14 Best Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair in 2024

Whether you're rocking a curly wig or embracing your 4C texture, having the best deep conditioner for natural hair is a must. This is the key to giving your curls and curls all the moisture and nourishment needed to keep your strands strong and healthy. But don't take our word for it. We tapped Michelle O'Connorglobal artistic director of hair care company Matrix, to help you find the best product for your hair type.

What is the difference between regular conditioner and deep conditioner?

“Deep conditioners serve two main purposes: to balance moisture and to boost protein. Healthy hair needs both of these to thrive,” says O’Connor. The formula also tends to be much thicker than regular conditioners and can be used as a treatment for damaged hair. “A good deep conditioner restores the hair's natural pH, closes the cuticles to combat breakage, and helps generate slip in the hair for detangling. The result should be tons of shine, elasticity and hydration. »

When should you use a deep conditioner?

Deep conditioning treatments are generally recommended between once a week and once a month, depending on your texture. Thick and curly hair textures may benefit from frequent use (since hair tends to become drier due to lack of oils reaching the strands), while people with finer hair may opt for once a month. Also think about the season. “The winter months may require using a conditioning treatment more frequently,” she says. Due to the lack of humidity in the air, it's common for your hair to be drier or brittle in cold weather.

You also need to identify what your needs are. If you use the flat iron a lot on your natural hair, you might benefit from a good deep conditioning treatment once a week. A good rule of thumb is to leave two to three days between washes so you don't over-condition your hair, which could damage it.

Giving your curls and curls some TLC is a must to maintain healthy hair. So to help you keep the hair love flowing, we asked all of our friends which curly hair products they use for deep conditioning, and these are the products that reviewers and hairstylists approve.

The Best Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair:

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