Animated Movie ‘The Super Elfkins’ Boarded by Sola Media

Sola Media has joined the CGI animated film “The Super Elfkins” as sales agent and will unveil the first images at the European Film Market in Berlin.

The film, with a budget of 9 million euros ($9.7 million), will be released in Germany in December 2024 by Tobis Film. It is a sequel to “The Elkfins – Baking a Difference,” which was sold to over 200 countries around the world and won the Best Feature Film award at the Giffoni Film Festival.

In the new film, Elfkin girl Elfie's world is turned upside down when she discovers a technologically advanced Elfkin gang that surpasses her clan in terms of fun and excitement. Can Elfie's friendship with Bo, the youngest member of the rival gang, bridge the gap between the Elfkin clans that have been separated for over 250 years?

Solveig Langeland, Managing Director of Sola Media, said: “With a budget of €9 million and enchanting characters, this animated feature film invites audiences into the world of our little secret helpers, filled with more gadgets , action and excitement than ever before. . We plan to reveal the first glimpses of Elfie and her new companion, Bo, and believe this story of two Elfkin clans meeting after many years apart will inspire audiences around the world.

The director is Ute von Münchow-Pohl, whose credits include “Rabbit Academy,” “The Elfkins – Baking a Difference,” “Rabbit School,” and “Raven the Little Rascal.” The artistic director is Heiko Henschel, known for his work on “The Amazing Maurice”, “Oooops 2” and “Rabbit Academy”. The animation director is Juan Jose Bravo, who worked on “Deep” and “Animal Crackers.”

The film is produced by Akkord Film and co-produced by Arx Anima and SERU Animation, who previously worked with Sola Media on “Rabbit Academy.” Tobis is also a co-producer.

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