Area Spring 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Local Piotrek Panszczyk is looking for new perspectives. “This is our 10th year in business, so we thought it was the perfect time to change things up,” he explained in his Chinatown studio the day before the show. “We're expanding into more and more categories and they don't always appeal to a lot of people; if you're coming from a fashion show perspective, maybe you don't know that we also do jeans, and we also do jersey. Panszczyk and his team are excellent at deconstructing and deepening the theme he has chosen each season until he finds something new and exciting. This season, the starting point was eyes, which led to cartoon eyes, which led to the simplified shape of a circle inside another circle. “Eyes as a symbol still speak to us because they connect many of our favorite art forms like Pop Art in the 60s or Surrealism in the 1920s; from Warhol to Man Ray,” he said.

Today at the Starrett-Lehigh Building, the familiar sound of a cartoon booioings set the tone for the designer's in-depth explorations that took him into very mod territory. The show opened with a simple white leather shift mini dress with circular leather appliqués across the chest in the shape of eyes (and silver studs for irises). The eye shape was also cut out of pink leather to create an oversized coat and matching mini skirt in carnation pink, as well as another in white, which he paired with a high-waisted slim maxi skirt.

Denim is an important category for Area and every season a new approach to the fabric emerges. This season he created some truly fantastic Dalmatian jacquard denim. (If you look at enough white and black oval shapes, you'll eventually think of Dalmatian spots.) With this group, he really showed off Area's way of doing things: for the editorial, a long, veiled cape dress very Balenciaga. And for those who fall in love with this piece, shorts, an oversized shirt dress, a corset top and of course wide-leg jeans. It worked. A series of floral jersey pieces in the middle seemed perhaps a little too commercial to match the fantasy of the show and Panszczyk's show. East mostly a fantasy: a shift dress covered in googly eyes that floated above the body, the crop top and car wash skirt made entirely of oversized crystals that tinkled and tinkled as the model walked, and especially the crochet dress embellished with leather flowers that seems destined for a red carpet somewhere. But Panszczyk can also create impact through minimalism. By the end of the show, the concept had been boiled down to its essence: a gold metallic ring with a floating crystal in the middle, floating in a sea of ​​black cotton. It appeared in the center of a simple oversized cotton shirt, at the halter neck of an easy jumpsuit, and also on the chest of a thin strapless shirt.

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