IF Conjures Up a New Teaser for Its Imaginary Friends

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John Krasinski and Paramount aren't just bringing aliens searching for sounds at the theater this year. In May, the actor directed (and wrote) his first children's film, the film with Ryan Reynolds. IF, who arrived at the Super Bowl with a new trailer in hand.

The next film, cheekily presented here by “Krasinski” himself – certainly not Randall Park – stars Cailey Fleming as Bea, a child who realizes that she can see imaginary friends, a trait that She also shares with her neighbor (Reynolds). As he explains, there is a whole secret world of Imaginary friends (or IF), ranging from talking marshmallows on fire to more conventional marshmallows, like a bear (voiced by Lou Gossett Jr.) or Steve Carrell's big fluffy purple guy, Blue. It ultimately falls to the two humans to find new children for the IFs, since their original creators have all aged and forgotten or abandoned them.

If you watched Cartoon Network in the 2000s, this will be very familiar and probably reminds you Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. And like that show, it's probably going to hit hard with younger audiences who probably haven't seen much (or anything) focused on imaginary friends, and in that way. For the older crowd…who knows, films like these live and die on chemistry and humor. It has a large cast, which includes funny people like Emilie Blunt, Maya Rudolph, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Bobby Moynihan. It's easy to imagine a movie with this premise and casting that fits together quite well, right?

We will know for sure when IF hits theaters May 17.

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