IKEA’s Little-Known $99 Design Deal

First, Costco started carrying tiny houses. Today, IKEA, a brand synonymous with modern, affordable furniture and those famous Swedish meatballs, has a newer, little-known offering: a complete set of interior design services. Priced at just $99 per room, this service is a game-changer for anyone looking to incorporate professional design elements into their living spaces without breaking the bank.

Having personally experienced the benefits of this service, I can attest to its remarkable value. It's not just a service; it's an opportunity to work with skilled designers who can transform any room into a beautifully curated space, tailored to individual tastes and needs. This innovative offering from IKEA opens up a world of design possibilities, making professional interior design accessible to a wider audience than ever before.

Here's everything you need to know about IKEA's little-known $99 interior design deal.

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What's Included in the $99 Interior Design Service

Although IKEA is known as a DIY brand, the interior design service relies on a detailed, customer-focused process. Once you get started, you will be guided through a comprehensive journey similar to hiring a typical interior designer.

It starts with an online questionnaire designed to give your assigned designer a clear understanding of your vision and needs. Then, your designer will dive into every detail over three one-hour virtual meetings. Expect more than just product suggestions; this service includes mood boards, 3D renderings, layout ideas, lighting plans, material recommendations and even elevations. The level of detail is astounding.

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For example, while planning my home, the designer's keen eye identified a costly flaw in my kitchen layout, saving me thousands of dollars. The cabinet dimensions were incorrect and the original designer had included in the plans a kitchen island that did not fit into the space. We were about to pay for all of this, but she figured it out in time.

The beauty of this service is in its execution. Once you approve the final design, IKEA takes care of everything else. The company orders all products and can even arrange installation and assembly through TaskRabbit (if you live within a certain distance). This seamless approach eliminates the usual stress of managing multiple suppliers and subcontractors, making your design journey enjoyable and hassle-free.

How to book it

Booking IKEA's interior design service is much easier than assembling the company's furniture. First, visit the IKEA USA “Ideas” page. There you will find a banner titled “Need an interior designer for your home?” » Clicking on it will take you to another button that says “Book Now”. From there, you fill out some basic information (like your zip code) and choose a date to meet virtually with your designer.

You will also be asked to complete an online questionnaire. This questionnaire is your first step towards a beautifully designed space. This is where you share the details of your project, helping IKEA prepare for the first meeting.

After submitting your questionnaire, you will be matched with a professional IKEA designer, who will then schedule the three virtual meetings with you. These meetings allow you to explore, suggest and refine your design ideas. This is where the mood boards, 3D renderings and, ultimately, the shopping list and ordering take place.

Is it worth it?

IKEA's $99 interior design service is the ultimate budget-friendly option for those who manage their personal finances and needing help with design. It's very easy to book and you get the full package. I mean, they even caught a mistake in my kitchen plans, which saved me a lot of money. It's like having a design genius at your fingertips. This service isn't just about affordable furniture; it’s about making great design accessible to all of us.

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