Ring’s cheapest subscription plan is going up by $10 a year

Amazon's Ring is raising the price of its cheapest Basic subscription, following similar hikes from Google and others, the company said in a statement. FAQs seen by The edge. As of March 11, the amount increases from $4 to $5 per month (or $40 to $50 per year), an increase of 25 percent.

The last time Ring increased the price of its base plan in June 2022 (from $3 to $4 per month), it also added a few features such as additional cloud storage, larger bulk video uploads and the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts on future Ring products. This time the price increases without any additional benefits added.

While it only takes a few more Starbucks Flat White coffees per year, the increase could be greater for some users. The basic plan only covers one camera and each requires a sub to back up and record videos. That means users with two or more cameras might be better off with the Ring Protect Plus plan (which covers all Ring doorbells and home cameras in one place), as it now costs exactly double, at $10 per month or $100 per year. (Without a plan, you can only view a live stream and receive motion alerts.)

Ring's move follows Google, which increased its cheapest Nest Aware plan from $6 to $8 per month ($60 to $80 per year) in September last year, although that option covers all cameras in your account. This now makes Google's option better for new users who haven't purchased any hardware.

If you're looking to spend even less, Blink and Wyze both offer single-camera cloud plans for $3 per month, and both companies also support local storage. Another option is to purchase devices that support Apple HomeKit Secure Video, provided you have an iCloud+ subscription.

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