Samsung Galaxy Watches are getting a sleep apnea feature

Samsung Galaxy Watches will get a sleep upgrade as the company gets the official green light from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for the first-of-its-kind sleep apnea tracker.

The sleep apnea health function, available this summer, allows users who have not yet been diagnosed with so-called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) to track their sleep and detect warning signs. Users will need a compatible phone and a Galaxy Watch, which must be worn for two sleep periods of more than four hours, over a period of ten days. The feature is designed for adult users over 22 years old.

“According to National Sleep Foundation (NSF), approximately 25 percent of men and 10 percent of women in the United States have OSA. New feature in the Samsung Health Monitor app should help more people proactively detect moderate or severe forms of OSA and, upon detection, seek medical attention to reduce the risk of health-related complications “, Samsung wrote in a press release. release.


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While Samsung is the first technology company to obtain such approval from the FDA in the US market, others are expected to follow suit. Apple Watches are rumored to get a similar upgrade this year, with the company adding sleep apnea detection to its wearables in addition to proposed blood pressure and diabetes monitoring tools.

And other fitness watches including Fitbitcan already detect and monitor breathing patterns during the night, which can help someone seeking a sleep apnea diagnosis.

Samsung's sleep apnea tracker will be housed under the entire device Samsung Health appwhich already allows users to track their sleep habitsincluding detecting snoring, monitoring oxygen saturation during sleep, and giving device wearers a sleep score based on the duration of sleep stages and movements while they sleep.

“Samsung recognizes the fundamental role sleep plays in people's health and well-being by focusing on three key elements to better sleep: understanding sleep patterns, adopting better habits, and creating an environment conducive to sleep” , explained the company. “With the Sleep Apnea feature, Samsung takes the next step in its ongoing commitment to providing Galaxy users with the best possible sleep tools to improve their sleeping habits.”

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