Strategist in Boston, MA — Money Diary

Occupation: Strategist
Industry: Retail
Age: 30
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Salary: $114,000
Net value : $571,220 (home equity: $237,000 (I own my home alone and my husband contributes to the mortgage), company stock account: $55,858, investment account: 108,730 $, Roth IRA: $71,972, traditional 401(k): $97,660). My husband and I have a joint credit card for shared spending, but we don't share any joint savings or investment accounts. We split expenses like our mortgage and house-related utility bills mostly 50/50, but I usually end up paying a little more because I earn more than him. Someday we might combine our finances better, but for now, before we have kids, it works well for us.
Debt: Mortgage: $203,000
Paycheck amount (2x/month): $2,434
Pronouns: She she

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $1,850 (My husband and I split this amount, with me paying $1,050 and him paying $800. He also pays the $250 condo fee).
Husband's student loans: $300 (I don't have a personal loan, but I help my husband pay off his student loans).
Netflix: $15
Maximum: $16
Platoon: $44
Pilate: $149
Commuter train pass: $250

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