Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Sealed the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Win with a Kiss

The Kansas City Chiefs just won their second straight Super Bowl victory (in overtime, no less!), and Taylor Swift, who has established herself as the most famous WAG in the world, celebrated with Travis Kelce of the best way they know how. how: by kissing on the field.

After earning the victory, the tight end spoke – or rather serenaded – the crowd, and the camera panned to the superstar for reaction shots. Right after, he reunited with his girlfriend to celebrate the Super Bowl victory with some hugs and kisses.


Swift could also be heard saying “amazing” and whispering in Kelce's ear (her hand covering her mouth – a move she started doing after lip-reading at this year's Golden Globe Awards).

Before Swift and Kelce got together, she was first spotted with Kelce's mother Donna, and the two were sweetly holding hands. Adore!


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