Taylor Swift Reacts To Olivia Rodrigo’s Grammys 2024 Performance

Let the record show that NYLON was in the room to observe, first-hand, as Taylor Swift stood to sing Olivia Rodrigo's performance of “Vampire” at the 2024 Grammys. Although saying those words may seem like behavior standard at a music awards ceremony, this particular example effectively squashes rumors of an alleged feud between the two singers.

A little context: after Rodrigo released his first single from Gut in June 2023, fans began speculating lyrics like “Bloodsucker, Fame F*cker, bleedin' me dry like a putden vampire!” » refers to Swift. (The fingers were also pointed towards Zack Bia, Rodrigo's ex.) A few months later, Rodrigo said in an interview with The Guardian that she would never reveal who was about one of her songs to avoid “classifying” the meaning, but added that she was “very surprised” that listeners thought Swift inspired the source material.

But everything seems to be going well, as Swift can be seen swaying to the song and, in a separate clip, singing. (She also appears to be the only participant standing for Rodrigo's set.) A show of solidarity, of course, because you simply don't listen to your enemy's music enough to learn the lyrics — let alone pump it with it. fist. , on live television, wearing opera-length black gloves.

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