Advertising company sends objects to space

(NewsNation) — A new company allows companies to send just about anything into space, except people, for advertising.

Sent into space was founded by Chris Rose, who told NewsNation that it took a lot of work to get to the point where the company is the go-to for anyone who wants to send something into space.

“A lot of our R&D work was focused more on the kind of testing of robust technologies designed for use in space,” he said.

Items the company has sent into space include a stroller, a chicken nugget, a Barbie, a wedding dress, a portrait of William Shakespeare and a Slurpee.

“We’ve been asked some pretty unusual things,” Rose said.

However, Rose said her proudest accomplishments include scientific discovery.

“We did a mission where we had to design a craft to explore a part of the upper atmosphere, take a sample of it and put it back to work for scientific analysis under a microscope,” he said. “And within that, we discovered a very surprising discovery, which was an example of very simple organic life, something called a diatom.”

The cost of launching a product into space? It varies, but it's not cheap. Rose said it depends on the complexity of the request. For example, sending a can of Coca Cola into space rather than sending the drink into space and having a robot open the can and pour it.

“Generally speaking, it can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands,” he said.

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