It’s not just you: Alicia Keys’ Super Bowl halftime show got changed for YouTube

A crane shot slowly descends toward a huge, billowy pink-red cape attached to someone playing an equally red grand piano. As the camera moves closer to the character, you realize it's Alicia Keys, playing the descending triplets that begin “If I Ain't Got You,” one of her first and biggest hits. Her voice, as soft as ever, settles in with an abbreviated version of the hums that begin the original recording, then she begins belting out the lyrics of the chorus…and her voice immediately breaks.

If this was an intentional edit, it was simple: tricks like cutting chunks of audio and elongating a nearby note to fill the space are trivial. It's not that unusual either… AV Club points out that Jennifer Lopez's 2010 gross Saturday Night Live performance has been changed for a later video download. This also happens elsewhere in entertainment, like that cup of coffee that disappears into Game Of Thrones or just a large part of the original Star Wars trilogy, from the start.

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