Jessica Pratt announces new album Here in the Pitch, shares lead single

Jessica Pratt has announced her fourth studio LP. Title Here on the ground, the album is scheduled to be released on May 3 on Mexican Summer. The news comes with the release of the project's first single, “Life Is,” Pratt's first new song in five years, as well as a music video co-directed by Pratt and Colby Droscher.

The new track is an optimistic march forward, a musical depiction of undirected ambition whose tone belies an undercurrent of skepticism in the lyrics. Pratt's delivery is as joyful as the triumphant drums, bass and strings that underpin it – production that is compared in a press release to the orchestral excess of '60s pop hits like The Walker Brothers .The sun will no longer shine” — but his words are still slightly out of sync: “Time is on and on and on / And what if you can't get out of here? she sings. “Time is on and on and on / To escape, you captured the kidnapper's fear.”

This is a spiritual exercise entirely distinct from the heartfelt intimacy that characterized previous projects like 2019's. Silent signs, but Pratt says that's “kind of a false flag,” saying the rest of the album is more reflective of his earlier work. “Life has come and gone and you haven’t ended up where you thought you would,” she says of the track’s ambiguous theme. “It’s the third act and you’re trying to get back on the horse before it gets dark.”

According to the press release, the dark visual treatment of “Life Is” was filmed in New York late last year and inspired by the films of Kenneth Anger and Stan Brakhage. Watch the video and stream the song alone below. And scroll further to Here on the groundthe cover art and tracklist for , as well as Jessica Pratt's spring and summer tour dates.

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