KIller Mike Performs ‘Exit 9’ on ‘The Late Show’: Watch

Killer Mike has been there The late show to perform “Exit 9,” a song from his 2023 Grammy Award-winning album, Michael.

The Atlanta rapper dedicated the performance to his grandmother, Betty, running through the pensive track, which has him thinking about current successes and past struggles, progress and setbacks, and all the work that still needs to be done. Killer Mike was joined on stage by DJ Trackstar and the Midnight Revival Choir, whose live vocals gave a warm touch to “Exit 9,” particularly during the final a cappella chorus, “I remember those days, I was winning minimum wage/I was trying to do it. Hold on, look how far I've come.

Earlier this month, Killer Mike won three Grammys – his first as a solo artist – including best rap album for Michael and Best Rap Song and Rap Performance for “Scientists and Engineers”. The big victories, however, were somewhat overshadowed when a video emerged showing the rapper being led away in handcuffs following a confrontation in the arena. The killer Mike (real name Michael Render) was questioned and then convicted of assault and battery.

As law enforcement has already said rolling stone, the incident allegedly occurred when a security guard asked for Render's tickets. The rapper allegedly tried to get around her and when she tried to stand in front of him again, he “pushed her to the ground.”

Render denied the incident, releasing a statement last week: “As you can imagine, there was a lot going on and there was some confusion about which door my team and I should enter. We encountered an overzealous security guard, but my team and I are confident that I will ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing.


Render also addressed the incident during a appearance on View yesterday, saying: “I think the backstage was crowded, I think the winners were exuberant and I think the security got a little overzealous. You know, that's water under the bridge for me.

He added: “I like to say all my heroes were in handcuffs. Malcolm, Martin, Mandela, Medgar. I walked out with the same dignity and respect that I walked in with, and I implore people to just take that away. Don't dwell on the past.

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