Taylor Swift Wore So Many Tributes to Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl 2024 — See Photos

To say Taylor Swift love an Easter egg would be an understatement. These cryptic, hidden clues are essentially part of her brand's DNA, and she not only sprinkles references and clues throughout her music videos and performances, she also incorporates them into her wardrobe. For the Super Bowl 2024, Swift paid tribute to her boyfriend Travis Kelce with a handful of strategic “87” accessories in honor of his jersey number. How much exactly? Let's count them!

Before the Super Bowl even happened, fans were speculating about what Swift would wear for the big game as soon as the Kansas City Chiefs secured a spot in the Finals because, for most of the season, she experimented with Vintage Chiefs gear and custom jackets. , and even matching looks.

Come Super Bowl time, Swift opted for $695 black jeans with crystal-embellished cutouts from Area, a corset top, and her ever-present lipstick. Even though it was an obvious choice, she only wore a red Chiefs jacket from the Wear by Erin Andrews line on its all-black cut briefly.


Back to Kelce's tributes. Even though they overlooked the red outfits, Swift's accessories were the talk of the town, namely the “87” pendant necklace by Stephanie Gottlieb, which costs $4,250 and is available in white or yellow gold with small diamonds.

Harry Comment/Getty Images

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