Tennis WAG Says She Faced Shocking Harassment at Super Bowl by NFL Fans

Morgan Riddle, fashion influencer and girlfriend of professional tennis player Taylor Fritz, said she spent the entire Super Bowl weekend dealing with shocking levels of harassment from male football fans in Las Vegas.

Riddle posted several Instagram Story posts Sunday evening detailing the “extremely stressful and scary” advances made by male spectators attending the Super Bowl in person. In one, she describes how she “spent the 3rd quarter in the stadium bathroom because I had a panic attack” during the game.

The fashion influencer said she was grabbed, groped, harassed and insulted “incessantly, practically every few minutes when we were out in public.”

Riddle, a regular at Fritz's tennis matches, is no stranger to male-dominated sporting events. But she said the harassment she faced during the Super Bowl was unlike anything she had experienced with tennis.

“We couldn't even enjoy the game without being disturbed by drunk, rude and rude male fans,” she wrote.

At one point, Riddle said, a man tried to use his young son as a “vehicle to hit on” Riddle and his friends. She was stunned when the child tried to call his father. “How do you think little boys become hateful men?” » she fumed.

The NFL has long been accused of fostering sexism against women, from its repeated problems with domestic violence by players to lawsuits filed by former female employees. As the Super Bowl approaches, many fans have complained about the presence of pop star Taylor Swift, who is dating Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, saying she takes up too much screen time and distracted her from the match.

“I just hope everyone reading this understands the gravity of your words and actions. were all there just to watch a football game,” Riddle said.

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