Tibi Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection

At Tibi, Amy Smilovic was thinking about the 90s. Not in the sense that fashion always thinks of the 90s, but in the sense that the 90s represent a certain form of freedom. “We were looking at photos from the time; but not the clothes, but the people and the models and how they were so alive,” the designer said during the presentation at her Wooster Street flagship store. “It made us think a lot about not being too self-conscious; to create what we want and build on it.

What Smilovic and his team wanted was a sporting moment, but more in the way one comfortably dresses to participate in a sport, rather than the sports uniform itself. How to make your wardrobe go where you are. “It’s about using luxury fabrics in a sportier way, really experimenting with shapes and curves and letting pragmatism lead the way,” she said. She added irregular tacks to a vivid balloon skirt that brought an element of movement, as if they had been captured by static electricity. There were loose but not oversized tailoring pieces in Italian wool, some of them with added belt embellishments that will allow for some customization. On a beige jacket, the belt helped an oversized bright green scarf stay in place when draped over one shoulder; over gaucho pants, an asymmetrical satin blouse with a round neck and lightly padded rounded shoulders was artfully tucked into a low-cut croc-print belt. Smilovic also showed off double belts that could be pushed up or down. “Maybe you're experimenting with crop tops and want your pants to hang a little lower,” she said. A quirky snail print appeared on a pencil skirt and on a simple, white column dress with raw edges. Slowly but surely, we are succeeding.

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