What Kind of ‘Psycho’ Would Want Ukraine to Keep Fighting Putin?

Elon Musk encouraged US voters to ask their representatives to oppose additional military funding for Ukraine, saying there is “zero chance” Russia will lose the war and that additional support in Kiev would only prolong a futile conflict.

The billionaire shared his views while speaking to Republican Senators Ron Johnson, Mike Lee and JD Vance, as well as former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. X spaces conversation hosted by venture capitalist David Sacks. The group discussed a $95 billion spending package, including $60 billion for Ukraine, which cleared a major hurdle Monday in a 66-33 Senate vote, meaning a vote on final adoption could now take place this week.

Senator Johnson said the “only way” to end the war in Ukraine “is through a settlement.” He added that sending an additional $60 billion in aid would needlessly “fuel the flames of a bloody stalemate.” “As evil as Putin is, a war criminal, he will not lose this war, and our colleagues here are simply not willing to accept this reality and they are living in a fantasy world thinking that Ukraine can win this battle , that she can.” t.”

“That’s absolutely true,” Musk admitted. The Tesla boss said he had been accused of being a Putin apologist despite expressing similar sentiments in the past, calling the accusation “absurd” in light of the work his companies have done to “indirectly undermine Russia”. He said losing lives in war “must have a purpose” and “not just a kilometer here, a kilometer there” like those lost daily in Ukraine. “What purpose?” He asked. “As you say, there is no chance Putin will lose. He also claimed that if the Russian leader withdrew from the war, then “he would be assassinated,” which would likely lead to an even more “hard-line” replacement.

At the end of the conversation, Musk said, “I hope that the public, the American public, can listen to this and actually contact their elected representatives.” »

“The really important thing to keep in mind here is that this spending doesn't help Ukraine,” Musk said. “Prolonging the war does not help Ukraine. This is very important to appreciate.

He added that he found it “fantastic” that America “wants to be the good guy,” with Musk saying most other countries are relatively indifferent. “We want to do the right thing. We want to help people,” he said. “The problem is that prolonging the war and sacrificing the flower of Ukrainian youth – and we should also have some sympathy for Russian youth, it's not like they want to be there – and leaving all these boys dying for nothing is wrong, and it needs to stop. And that's what it comes down to.

“Shameful stuff,” Josh Rogin, columnist for The Washington Postwrote in a X post criticizing Musk's comments. “Imagine telling Ukrainians who are fighting to protect their families and their cities that they are dying for nothing. Ashamed.”

“There has been no change on the Russian-Ukrainian border for a year, just a lot of dead children,” Musk said. replied. “What kind of psychopath wants this to continue?” » Rogin retaliate, insisting that Ukrainians “want to continue fighting because they have seen what is happening under Russian occupation.” “Massacre. Mass deportation of children. Ukrainians just want to continue defending themselves,” he wrote. Abandoning them would lead to more deaths among young people, not fewer.”

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