Wait, Are Barry Keoghan & Sabrina Carpenter Dating? A Relationship Rumor Timeline

Looks like there might be some truth to those Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan dating rumors after all.

The Emails I Can’t Send singer and Saltburn star have been seen out together in Los Angeles on multiple different occasions over the past few months, sparking dating rumors across social media. But it’s important to remember that until we hear confirmation from the involved parties themselves or their reps, this is all, of course, speculation based on a few blurry, sneakily-taken pics.

But if all of these #Sabarry sightings (more on that below) aren’t dates between Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan, perhaps he just really likes “Feather,” or she’s a really big The Banshees of Inisherin fan. (Do you think she’d be able to fit that title into a “Nonsense” outro rhyme?) Check out the full dating rumor and relationship timeline of Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan below.

March 27, 2024: Carpenter reveals her “type” when it comes to dating.

While gracing the cover of the latest issue of Cosmo, Sabrina Carpenter took the opportunity to explain her dating approach and reveal whether she has a “type” when it comes to romantic partners. The singer says she has “never, ever, ever, ever” landed a date from a dating app and generally avoids app culture in preference of organic meet-cutes “through friends.” She attributes the majority of her dating life to “fate and chance.”

“A lot of it, for me, has been fate. I know that’s super broad, but I don’t actively look for it,” Carpenter said in her cover story interview. “The relationships that I actually want to put my energy into have to be so interesting or invigorating because they take me away from the other things I love. So yeah, it’s fun and it’s messy. I think I’m still just at this place where I’m really enjoying the newness of all of it.”

In an editor’s note, Cosmopolitan clarified the timeline of their interview: Carpenter spoke to the outlet in early January, when rumors of her relationship with Barry Keoghan had just started to pick up steam. (Click here to catch yourself up on the SaBarry lore.) Enjoying the newness, indeed. When asked what her “type” is, Carpenter said personality stands out to her more than looks.

“Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think I have a type. But the internet loves to just put pictures next to each other of men who have the same hair color,” she said. “I’m super attracted to a lot of the things I look for in friends, because I want to be with someone who’s going to be one of my best friends. So a lot of it is energy and humor and being genuine. I will say I’ve always connected more with people who are really in touch with their emotions.” Carpenter and Keoghan are always spotted smiling and laughing, so, from the looks of it, she’s on the right track.

March 11, 2024: Keoghan wears a Taylor Swift Eras tour shirt to run errands with Carpenter.

Just one day after making their joint public event debut as a couple during Oscars night, Carpenter and Keoghan did the second-most chic activity one can do in Hollywood: running errands.


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