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The ad hoc experimental supergroup of New York-via-Texas singer and multi-instrumentalist more eaze, Italian producer and OOH Sounds founder Pardo, and French electronic duo Glass is a deeply complex work that can be simply enjoyed. The ambient symbiosis between Glass member Hugo Lamy’s guitar drones and more eaze’s voice and pedal steel — both extensions, in the end, of her prodigious mental instrument — is stunning on its own, especially considering the parts were recorded an ocean apart. But paris paris, texas texas isn’t just an ambient album; it’s full of glistening field recordings, warped processing filters, and disarming overdubs (courtesy of Pardo and Glass’s other half, Etienne Reimund) that complicate the pristine guitars and voice, jumbling them into configurations that verge on noisy and are at times even ominous. The darkening clouds of sound never fully burst, though, leaving the passive listener in a state of slightly spiked bliss, and the active one in a tense, tingling mode of perpetual stimulation. — Raphael Helfand

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