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Just like February, March literally flew by. How is it already spring when it feels like we kicked off 2024, like last week? Whether we like it or not, it’s almost April, which means it’s time to round up all of my favorite product launches in March—and there were a lot of them over the last few weeks.

With a sustainable swimwear collection from my favorite sustainable L.A. label, spiced-up tinned fish collabs, and an infinitely giftable bottle of rosé that doubles as a piece of fine art (hello, Mother’s Day gifting season!), March came for my wallet. Read below to check out the best new product drops from the past month.

Re/Done x Pamela Anderson

Sorry, but there was simply no way this collab was not going to be on this list. My favorite denim brand, Revolve, and my favorite icon-at-large, Pamela Anderson, teamed up for a vintage-inspired drop, and I have been swooning ever since it launched in early March. The surprisingly still-in-stock collection features a slew of jeans, skirts, and graphic tees all nodding to the ’90s (with a little Y2K sprinkled in for good measure), and I really can’t get over the ad campaign featuring the actress, entrepreneur, and activist herself.

Normally, I don’t get down with low-rise jeans—I’ve ‘been there, done that’ the first time they were in vogue in the aughts (do any fellow elder millennials remember Frankie B?). Yet here I am, fighting the urge to purchase this way-below-the-naval pair that has been sitting in my cart for well over a week. It’s the Pam effect, folks; lean into it.

Jot Coffee Concentrate (Spring Edition)

I first tried Jot’s coffee concentrate at the height of the pandemic in 2020 because, somehow, not being able to leave my apartment made me even more lazy and caffeine-dependent. The delicious liquid coffee concentrate slightly reminded me of the very bitter but effective version from Trader Joe’s that I chugged during my senior year in college, but Jot’s is much smoother and easier on my stomach. You can mix a little bit of the concentrate with the milk of your choice or water to make it in less than two minutes.

Jot just released a ridiculously cute spring bottle featuring a pop-art-inspired floral design. It’s a great gift for your favorite java addict, who may very well be you. Cheers!

It’s hard to believe summer will already be here in a couple of months, but Reformation’s new swimwear drop made me beyond excited for swimming season. Ref has dropped swim before, but 2024’s collection is the coolest yet—and the styling couldn’t be more on point (thanks to this inspo, I might be wearing a cardigan over my bikini come June).

PROVEN All-in-One Personalized Serum

Though I keep my distance from AI as a whole, I’m not mad about it improving my skincare. While PROVEN’s All-in-One Personalized Serum launched late in 2023, it’s new to me—and quickly becoming a staple in my daily lineup.

To get your bespoke formula, simply take a quiz about your skin type, goals, lifestyle, and areas of concern, and let the brand and its AI-powered technology work its magic and get your personalized product delivered to your door.

Fly by Jing x Fishwife Tinned Fish (3-Pack)

Fly by Jing x Fishwife’s new salty-sweet tinned fish is a match made in umami heaven. For those who want a high-protein snack or meal topper, look no further than this chili crunch sauce-soaked smoked salmon.

Inspired by a popular Chengdu street snack, this tinned fish will instantly transport you abroad without the airfare, mediocre Chinese takeout tab, or MSG hangover.

Case-Mate Stick It! Magnetic Suction Mount

Last time I was in L.A., just about every legitimate or wannabe influencer (so basically, 90 percent of the city’s population) had one of these curious sticky contraptions affixed to the back of their phones. Frankly, they’re not as cute as the circular Pop Socket, so I wondered why seemingly everyone had one. Finally, my friend filled me in on the new selfie hack du jour: the sticky suction grip adheres to mirrors or other suitable surfaces, allowing you to take selfies, shoot your pilates class, or film TikTok cooking tutorial hands-free. And, even as a certified non-influencer myself, I like it too.

It’s a great alternative to asking someone to take a photo of my husband and me when we’re out. Plus, the aesthetic appeal has kind of grown on me. There are other companies who make the contraption, but Case-Mate’s magnetic mount is the most sturdy, so you can rest assured your phone won’t unmount and shatter while you’re trying to sneak a little self-portrait in the restaurant bathroom before someone walks in.

Richer Poorer Refresh Release

Richer Poorer’s elevated basics have always been a staple in my wardrobe, but its latest spring collection (dubbed “Refresh Release”) is beyond dreamy. The ethereal collection features a slew of breezy yet impeccably tailored trousers, billowy blouses, ruches linen dresses, and warm-weather-friendly mini dresses to help you usher in spring in style and comfort.

My favorite piece from the new capsule is the Brigitte Poplin Blouse, which features a relaxed fit, an almost poet-style sleeve, and a ’70s-inspired front yoke and Mandarin collar.

Steve Madden x Jessica Rich

Just in time for festival season, Steve Madden tapped shoe designer and fashion guru Jessica Rich to help design an eclectic collection of footwear styles, all priced at or under $150.

You’ll find sparkly silver sandals bedazzled with actually wearable rhinestones, unapologetically flagrant sequin-stacked stilettos with an acrylic heal, pointed-toe flats with eye-catching metallic details, and ever-on-trend denim heels that will help you channel that country-era inner Beyonce like a pro.

Cote des Roses Rosé Art Edition x Morgan Jamieson

While I never considered myself a true rosé girlie, Cote des Roses Rosé’s blend has me hooked. Not only is it slightly sweet and nuanced (especially for such an affordable bottle), but it pairs well with more dishes than my normal go-to Syrah or Pinot Noir. Consider me a convert—thanks, Gérard Bertrand. The brand just dropped a new limited-edition art bottle in collaboration with Aussie artist Morgan Jamieson, and it’s honestly so pretty—you won’t even want to open the bottle.

My suggestion? Do as I did, drink it, and preserve the bottle when you’re done to use as a vase or just a piece of fine art on your bar cart. It’s truly a collector’s item and a fabulous Mother’s Day gift idea.

NUDESTIX Nude Glow Peptide Serum

I saw a headline the other day touting peptides as the new retinol, which, although a huge claim, to be sure, I can’t dispute it at this point. Peptides are not necessarily anything new in the skincare scene, but they are getting a boost in much-deserved attention lately. NUDESTIX, one of my favorite no-fuss, on-the-go-friendly, and cool-girl-approved brands just added a new game-changer to its budding skincare lineup: the Nude Glow Peptide Serum.

I could wax poetic about NUDESTIX’s ride-or-die Nudies Blush-Lips-Eyes sticks, but if you’re into beauty, they’re likely already on your radar—and in your makeup bag. Don’t sleep on NUDESTIX’s new serum. It’s wallet-friendly and every bit as firming, lifting, and line-softening as its $200+ peers.



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