Hair Artist Endah Tche & E.T.WIGS One-Night Wig Rental Service

In the 15 years since Rent the Runway was founded, it’s become common practice to borrow an expensive dress or outfit to wear for a special occasion. But why can’t that philosophy apply to wigs?

Before she launched her E.T.WIGS Rent-A-Wig service in June 2023, hair artist Endah Tche says she saw a gap in the market: customers looking for high-quality wigs for one-time wear that would otherwise be too expensive to buy. The 23-year-old, who worked as an on-set hair artist in London, began putting colorful custom wigs in the back of Ubers or posting them to stylists and hair enthusiasts alike all over the U.K. Since then, Tche’s service has gone through a rebrand, with a drop of new set of styles scheduled in April.

Read on for more of Tche’s thoughts on trying on “the next you” and the future of the one-night wig.


“I’ve always been interested in hair and makeup, but I didn’t wear wigs as a teenager — you just don’t usually wear them at a younger age. I was 19 when I started wearing them and lots of girls around me were just starting to wear wigs, too. I became the person that friends came to for making sure their hair looks good.”


“I spent a year assisting as a hairstylist so I could learn about the business of hair on set. It was 2022, and I would go onto sets and see the majority of Black models wouldn’t be wearing wigs. The wigs they did have weren’t the standard ones that Black women like to wear — they were plastic, synthetic wigs. The only option was for the model to buy her own wig and keep bringing it on set. I realized at that moment that there needed to be a hub where people could rent a wig, shoot for a day, and give women the right options that make them comfortable.”


“The rental service launched last year with four wigs. In the beginning, it was definitely more catered to the creative industry. But after it launched, that changed. I had girls messaging me wanting to try a wig for three days before investing in it. That’s when I realized that it was also a great thing for anyone to try new styles without spending the large budget that comes with wigs.”


“Last year, one lady asked to rent a wig from me for just one event on one night — it was an intergalactic theme, and I had that type of wig on hand. But I’ve also had girls who have followed me for a long time, who aren’t in the creative industry, rent wigs for two or four days because they didn’t have the budget to buy the wig. But they choose one for a specific outfit, wear it, and then send it back to me.”


“I’ve been torn between my 9-to-5 and hair. I took a step back, looked at my business differently, and have been wanting more for it. So I’ve spent the last seven months working on rebranding. My new slogan is, ‘The next you,’ because I do feel like rentals and bespoke wigs create a new version of yourself. I’m trying to explore how the wigs are helping people express their identity. The website will be revamped with a calendar to see when a wig is available and a new minimum rental period of three days. That’s enough time to receive the wig, check everything is good, use it for one day, and send it back.”


“I’m coming up with a basics line — I’ve noticed that a lot of people want a super-long blonde or black wig, so I’ll have a natural colors collection. But then there will be pink wigs and custom-art wigs. In the beginning, my art was inspired by the intergalactic world, which brings in a lot of bright colors, so I’ll also be tapping back into my roots.”


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