Lawn Care Revolutionised: Mowrator Launches Mowrator S1 via Kickstarter Campaign

Mowrator is offering customers the experience of the future of lawn care with advanced Mowrator S1.

Mowrator, a pioneer in innovative lawn care solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Mowrator S1 lawn mower on Kickstarter, commencing from March 27th. The Mowrator S1 sets a superior mowing experience in lawn care, offering cutting-edge features that promise to transform the mowing experience for users worldwide.

Mowrator launches Mowrator S1

The Mowrator S1 aims to provide a highly accessible remote control lawn mower tool for lawn owners of all kinds, pushing the revolution from traditional lawn mowing to a smart, hands-free mowing generation. The Mowrator S1 packs an array of advanced smart features and especially, the 4WD design, durable construction helps enhance stability and handle rough terrain, uneven ground and challenging conditions with ease.

Drawing inspiration from their expertise in drone technology at DJI, the core team at Mowrator initiated a mission to revolutionize lawn care by harnessing the same technological advancements that transformed drone technology, resulting in the inception of the Mowrator S1.

Among the world’s first consumer-grade remote-controlled mowers, the Mowrator S1 is engineered to handle the most demanding mowing tasks with ease. Featuring a robust 21-inch blade and a reinforced metal frame, the Mowrator S1 is built to tackle tough grass and navigate challenging terrain, including slopes of up to 75%.

For a limited time, backers of the Mowrator S1 campaign on Kickstarter can visit here: Mowrator Kickstarter Campaign Page.

In addition, a key performance feature of the Mowrator S1 lies in its intuitive smart remote control system. Designed with features reminiscent of a video game, including L2 assisted driving for large lawns and hands-free remote dumping, the Mowrator S1 offers an unparalleled level of precision and control. At Mowrator, safety is paramount. That’s why the Mowrator S1 is equipped with advanced safety features, including long-lasting power and a safety-first design, ensuring a worry-free mowing experience every time.

With it’s innovative features of the new Mowrator S1 and a commitment to making lawn maintenance easier, safer, and more enjoyable from the team, the launching of this product is catching a lot of attention. People can join Mowrator S1 Law Mower Launch Group to get notified instantly when the product goes live.

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About Mowrator

Mowrator is passionately dedicated to driving innovation and reshaping the landscape of lawn care. Drawing inspiration from their deep-rooted expertise in drone technology gained at DJI, the core team at Mowrator is committed to revolutionizing the field of lawn maintenance. Mowrator is focused on pioneering advanced solutions that not only simplify lawn care but also elevate the overall user experience. With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Mowrator aims to set new standards in the industry and empower users to achieve pristine outdoor spaces effortlessly.

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