What Is Beyoncé Up To?

Cowboy Carter is cooking something up. Today, while out in Los Angeles, Beyoncé turned the tables on the paparazzi, toting around a heavy, flash-adorned DSLR which served the dual purpose of blocking her face while giving the photographers a taste of their own medicine. The whole thing was reminiscent of Aretha Franklin filming the public on her camcorder, or Cole Sprouse’s entire @camera_duels account.

But Beyoncé came prepared for the encounter—not only with her camera, but with her outfit as well. Bey took her Western wear to the next level with a Canadian tuxedo interpretation of the theme. She wore a wide-legged, light-wash denim jumpsuit, which she cinched with a silver-studded, black leather belt. Later on, she kept warm with a denim tuxedo blazer.

But that wasn’t all for Queen B. When Beyoncé commits, she commits. Never to be seen these days without her cowboy hat, she made sure to cover her long blonde braid with a distressed patchwork denim iteration, and even donned a pair of blue jean Steve Madden boots. She finished off the look with a pair of pink mirrored aviators, and matched the studs on her belt to a pair of oversized silver earrings.

While we aren’t exactly sure why Beyoncé was toting around a DSLR, we’re curious to see if this is a new method of album promo, or just a time-tested way to tease the paps.

Aretha Franklin, 1998

Lawrence Schwartzwald/Getty Images


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