The former Trump aides who don’t support his 2024 presidential bid

Ty Cobb, who was once a Trump loyalist and as White House counsel defended the former president during the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election, has repeatedly said that the country cannot elect Trump again.

“He has never cared about America, its citizens, its future or anything but himself,” Cobb wrote in an email to The Post last year. “In fact, as history well shows from his divisive lies, as well as from his unrestrained contempt for the rule of law and his related crimes, his conduct and mere existence have hastened the demise of democracy and of the nation.”

Cobb added that America’s adversaries and allies “both recognize that even his potential reelection diminishes America on the world stage and ensures continued acceleration of the domestic decline we are currently enduring.”

“If that reelection actually happens, the consequences will extinguish what, if anything, remains of the American Dream,” Cobb wrote.

In a separate interview with The Post published last month, Cobb said he would vote for Biden.

“If the time comes and a vote for Joe is required to stop Trump, then I’d grudgingly vote for Biden,” Cobb said.


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