Spring 2024 Horse Girl Beauty: Bella Hadid & Beyoncé

It’s official: The girls are going country for spring 2024. First, it was the return of cowboy boots and boot-cut jeans. Then, Lana Del Rey released a country album. And now that Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter is finally here, the Western resurgence cannot be denied. Where fashion and music go, beauty must follow — after all, no reinvention is complete without the hair and makeup to go with it.

Beyoncé’s extra-long, voluminous platinum blonde hair has become the most consistent symbol of her cowgirl era. She may change up her outfits between a black leather fringe Versace jacket and red, white, and blue chaps — but her dramatic hair remains in a constant blown-out state. This season, think of it this way: The bigger the hair, the closer to Beyoncé.

Resident horse-girl, Bella Hadid also shows us the way to get the look right. For weeks she’s been posting Instagram pictures from horse stables, leading up to last month’s appearance at the American Performance Horseman competition, where she supported her boyfriend Adan Banuelos. Her perfectly unraveled braid waves, glowing sun-kissed skin, and glossy lips instantly launched a million mood boards.

This ain’t Texas, but it sure can be fun to embrace the aesthetic. Here are 10 essentials to get you started for Horse Girl Beauty Spring.


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